Permitted Social Account Logins


Users can link their Google and Microsoft accounts with their Infobase Database user accounts. This optional free feature can be controlled at the account level within the admin portal. It is turned off by default. When the feature is turned on for one database, it is turned on for all of them.

This feature is available for these databases: American History, African-American History, American Indian History, Modern World History, Ancient and Medieval History, World Religions, Health Reference Center, Science Online, Bloom's Literature, Issues & Controversies in History.

To enable Google Sign-In or Microsoft Sign-in for your institution's account:

1. First, you must have Administrator Access and be logged into the Administration Portal.

2. Under a database product, click on the Product Setting button and click on Integrations.

3. Google Sign-in and Microsoft Sign-in can be turned on and off on the Integrations page under Partner Applications by clicking the feature on and off. 

4. Under Additional Settings for Google Sign-in and Microsoft Sign-in, Allow Direct Log-in can be turned on and off by clicking the checkbox. When Direct Log-in is enabled, the product login page is skipped and the user goes directly to the Google or Microsoft Log-in page. If the user does not have an Infobase account, one is created automatically. 

Please note: Microsoft Sign-in only works with institutional Microsoft accounts. It does not work with individual personal accounts.


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